History of the APPG for the Polar Regions

History of the APPG for the Polar Regions-

The APPG for the Polar Regions was formed by James Gray MP and Professor Duncan Depledge in 2015 to promote the polar regions in Parliament and to ensure UK Parliamentarians were well informed about the issues impacting the regions and why they affected the UK.

Sir David Attenborough and James Gray, MP at the First Ice Exhibition.

Key milestones for the group include:


2015- Group founded by James Gray MP

2017- Founded and ran the Poles Apart conference

2017 - Greenland Expedition

2018- Hosted the signing of the MOU for the Antarctic Marine Protected zone with Prince Albert

2019 - Founded and ran the inaugural Antarctic Parliamentarians Assembly in London

2019 -Sophie Montague replaces Duncan Depledge as Director.

2021- Second Antarctic Parliamentarians Assembly

2021 - Iceland Expedition

2022 - Jamie Anderson takes over as Director

2022 - Disko Island and Greenland vessel expedition

2023 - Sir David Attenborough Exhibition in Parliament.

Antarctic Parliamentarians Assembly 2019