Polar Regions News Roundup W/C 11th December 2023

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11th December 2023

‘Incredibly lucky’: Antarctic scientists examine world’s largest iceberg, three times the size of NYC

The RRS David Attenborough passes by the A23a iceberg. Photograph: Andrew Meijers/AP

Antarctic scientists have been able to get an “incredibly lucky” inspection of the world’s largest iceberg – about three times the size of New York City – which calved off the icy continent nearly 40 years ago.

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Moscow aims for another grab: Navy Chief says Russia will expand into Arctic Ocean

Navy Chief Admiral Yevmenov together with Vladimir Putin at a naval parade in St. Petersburg. Photo: Kremlin

Admiral Nikolai Yevmenov underlines that it is a national priority for Russia to make a "full-scale takeover" of Arctic territories beyond the country's 200 mile Exclusive Economic Zone.

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Mass deaths of elephant seals recorded as bird flu sweeps across the Antarctic

Elephant seals on South Georgia. Hundreds of the animals, as well as fur seals, have been found dead, while thousands of sea lions have died in Chile and Peru. Photograph: Ashley Cooper/Alamy

Bird flu is spreading in the Antarctic, with hundreds of elephant seals found dead, and fears it could bring “one of the largest ecological disasters of modern times” if the highly contagious virus reaches the remote penguin populations.

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The World's Northernmost Settlement Gets Mobile Coverage

The community in Ny-Ålesund is small, with a limited number of permanent residents, who are responsible for running the community and for following up on research projects and environmental monitoring. (Photo: Telenor)

Ny-Ålesund on Svalbard is the last Norwegian settlement without mobile coverage. Now this small community is also connected to Telenor's mobile network as the world's northernmost base station opened last week.

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Royal Navy Ship Assists UoP Scientists in South Pole Expedition

HMS Protector, the Royal Navy's icebreaker

The effects of tourism and climate change in the Antarctic will be put under the microscope by scientists from the University of Portsmouth this Christmas.

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The Environmental Audit Select Committee’s Inquiry ‘Britain and the Arctic.’

A boat and icebergs

James Gray MP, Chair of APPG Polar Regions and the House of Commons Environmental Audit Select Committee Sub-Committee on Polar Research, reflects on the findings of an Inquiry into the UK’s relationship with the Arctic. The wide ranging and in-depth Report was launched at the Arctic Circle Assembly at Reykjavik in late October.

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