Polar Regions News Roundup W/C 19th February 2024

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19th February 2024

Polar bears are trying to adapt to a warming Arctic. It’s not working.


The bears can’t thrive on land, a concerning discovery as sea ice continues to disappear at a rapid pace, a new study says.

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UK Antarctic Heritage Trust flagship site Port Lockroy celebrates its 80th birthday.

The Port Lockroy team

On 11th February 2024, the UKAHT celebrated its 80th birthday at their flagship site Port Lockroy.

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Russia Suspends Funding for the Arctic Council: Wake up Call Not Death Knell

Nikolay Korchunov is Russia's Arctic Ambassador and Senior Arctic Official in the Arctic Council. Recently, Russia decided to suspend annual payments to the Arctic Council. (Photo: Roscongress).

Op-ed: Jennifer Spence (PhD, Arctic Initiative Senior Fellow, Belfer Center, Harvard Kennedy School) shares her take on the news this week that Russia has suspended annual payments to the Arctic Council until "real work" resumes.

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Climate experts sound alarm over thriving plant life at Greenland ice sheet

There are signs that the increased vegetation is resulting in further ice loss. Photograph: Michael_PhD

Research shows there has been a near-quadrupling across Greenland of methane-producing wetlands.

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California-size Antarctic ice sheet once thought stable may actually be at tipping point for collapse

One of the researchers is photographed collecting ground-based radar data to compare with the aerial surveys. (Image credit: Eliza Dawson)

Researchers have discovered the base of the Wilkes Subglacial Basin, which holds enough ice to raise sea levels by as much as 10 feet, may already be partially thawed.

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Have you read our latest Polar Notes article? See below for the most recent publication on the APPG Polar Regions website.

Polar Note: Getting to the core of environmental change

Amy Gray subsampling lake core in Svalbard

Welcome to the 2024 Polar Notes series: our fortnightly feature looking at a current polar issue or topic of conversation in more depth.  

Our newest article, authored by APPG Research Specialist, Amy Gray, explains why the study of sediments from the bottom of polar lakes can help scientists work out how climate is changing in the Arctic.

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