Polar Regions News Roundup W/C 1st April 2024

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1st April 2024

Scientists reconstruct history of world’s most powerful ocean current over last 5.3 million years and its link to global climate

Current speeding of the Antarctic Circumpolar Current does not bode well for the stability of Antarctica’s ice sheet, researchers warned. Photo for representation: iStock

Findings, published in journal Nature, suggest that the Antarctic Circumpolar Current could grow stronger due to human-caused climate change, thereby accelerating melting of Antarctic ice.

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British commandos train with huskies in Arctic Circle

Huskies being trialled for Britain's commandos behind enemy lines

Huskies are known for their strength and endurance and the British troops wanted to see how the dogs could help them in their battlefield roles.

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Antarctic sea ice near historic lows: Arctic ice continues decline

The Arctic Ocean sea ice reached its annual maximum on March 14, continuing the long-term decline in ice at the poles. Credit: Lauren Dauphin / NASA Earth Observatory, using data from the National Snow and Ice Data Center

Sea ice at both the top and bottom of the planet continued its decline in 2024.

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Canada's Mild Winter Disrupts Key Ice Road To Remote Arctic Diamond Mines

Climate change pushed the world into record heat territory in 2023.

The Winter Road, which serves the region accessible only by air for 10 months of the year, opened with a two-week delay in the middle of February, disrupting movement of goods along the ice road built over 64 frozen lakes.

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‘He took five bullets and returned to work on plankton’: the double lives of Ukraine’s Antarctic scientists

Penguins watch the Noosfera, Ukraine's Antarctic research vessel, which keeps the Ukrainian and Polish bases supplied. Photograph: Sergey Glotov

When the research team at Vernadsky base are not defending their homeland, they are on the frontline of the climate crisis

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Have you read our latest Polar Notes article? See below for the most recent publication on the APPG Polar Regions website.

Polar Note: The Blue Belt Programme and marine protection across the UK Overseas Territories

Penguin colony, South Georgia

Welcome to the 2024 Polar Notes series: our fortnightly feature looking at a current polar issue or topic of conversation in more depth.  

Our newest article, authored by guest expert, Kylie Bamford (Head of Marine Conservation for the UK Overseas Territories, Foreign, Commonwealth and Development Office), explores the UK Government’s flagship international marine conservation Programme, the Blue Belt, which works with a number of UK Overseas Territories (UKOTs) to assist them in creating and maintaining healthy and productive marine ecosystems.

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