Polar Regions News Roundup W/C 20th May 2024

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20th May 2024

Why experts are worried about Russia's oil and gas surveys in the Antarctic

Antarctica is heavily protected from economic exploitation by a long-running international treaty. (Alamy)

Russia has insisted it is only in Antarctica for scientific research purposes, but the discovery of a huge reserve of oil and gas has raised alarm bells.

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Shipments of liquefied gas from the Russian Arctic could be stopped this summer

The YAMAL LNG is the Russian project encompassing natural gas production, liquefaction and shipping. Photo: Yamallng.ru

The upcoming EU sanctions force Russia to search for new markets, as Europe accounts for more than 80% of Russian liquefied gas sales.

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‘Unprecedented’: CO2 in the atmosphere is rising 10 times faster than at any point over 50,000 years

Copyright Katherine Stelling/Oregon State University

Ice built up in the Antarctic over hundreds of thousands of years is helping scientists to understand today's climate.

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Huge jellyfish invasion could disrupt Arctic ecosystems as waters warm

A hydrozoan called Aglantha digitale

The Arctic could see a surge of jellyfish as climate change leads to warmer waters and less ice – a process known as “jellification”

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Five things to know about how NASA's tiny twin polar satellites will study the Arctic and Antarctic

This artist's concept depicts one of two PREFIRE CubeSats in orbit around Earth. The NASA mission will measure the amount of far-infrared radiation the planet's polar regions shed to space—information that's key to understanding Earth's energy balance. Credit: NASA/JPL-Caltech

At the end of May, three Arctic conferences are combined to form the Arctic Congress. Around 1,500 researchers, policymakers, businesses, and students will gather in Bodø, Northern Norway, but half of the Arctic will be absent as sanctions against Russia continue to restrict Arctic research cooperation.

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Have you read our latest Polar Notes article? See below for the most recent publication on the APPG Polar Regions website.

Polar Note: South Georgia - Celebrating Five Years Rat Free

Baiting helicopter at South Georgia

Polar Notes is a fortnightly feature, published by the All Party Parliamentary Group for the Polar Regions, looking at a current polar issue or topic of conversation in more depth.

Our newest article, authored by South Georgia Heritage Trust CEO, Alison Neil, looks at the trust’s ambitious rodent eradication programme: from its inception in the mid-2000s, the initial trials in 2010-11 to the success of the island’s rodent-free status in 2018. This world-leading programme is a story of how amazing things can happen when people and organisations with the same aim work together.

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