Polar Regions News Roundup W/C 20th November 2023

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20th November 2023

Majestic emperor penguins threatened by climate change

Emperor penguins in Antarctica

Emperor penguins are not simply majestic. These birds are tough creatures who manage to survive in some of the harshest weather conditions imaginable. The penguins breed and live on frozen sea ice in the Antarctic. But the Antarctic Sea ice is disappearing due to a warming planet and the melting sea ice threatens their very existence.

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On NATO’s Arctic front line, watching Russia’s nuclear threat

Norwegian border guards, from their observation tower a few miles away, peer over into the former factory city of Nikel.

Norwegian border guards peer from their observation tower over into the former factory city of Nikel, which has seen its decline accelerated by Russia’s war on Ukraine. They are the eyes and ears of NATO’s northern front line, across from Russia’s naval nuclear weapons base on the Kola peninsula, hundreds of miles above the Arctic Circle.

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787 makes history landing in Antarctica

Boeing 787 Dreamliner at Troll research station, Antarctica

A Norse Atlantic Boeing 787 Dreamliner has made history by becoming the first aircraft of its type to land in Antarctica. The project was arranged by the Norwegian Polar Institute, in partnership with Norse Atlantic Airways (N0/NBT). The Institute operates monitoring programs in the Arctic and Antarctic to understand environmental changes and their consequences. Such programs require regular resupply –

enter the 787.

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Faster Arctic warming hastens 2C rise by eight years

Icebreaker ship travelling through Arctic sea ice

Faster warming in the Arctic will be responsible for a global 2C temperature rise being reached eight years earlier than if the region was warming at the average global rate, according to a new modelling study led by UCL researchers.

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Climate engineering could slow Antarctic ice loss, study shows

Antarctic ice melting

Scattering sunlight-reflecting particles in the atmosphere could slow rapid melting in West Antarctica and reduce the risk of catastrophic sea-level rise, according to a study led by Indiana University researchers.

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Why Pride matters for doing better polar research

Polar Pride celebrations at Rothera 2021

With the APPG for Polar Regions hosting an event in Parliament to highlight Polar Pride this November, Dr James Lea, Reader in Glaciology and UKRI Future Leaders Fellow at the University of Liverpool, explains why Polar Pride, and diversity in this polar sciences, is so important.

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