Polar Regions News Roundup W/C 27th May 2024

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27th May 2024

Alaskan rivers turning orange due to climate change, study finds

Orange streams in the Brooks Range of northern Alaska. Photograph: Josh Koch/USGS

As frozen ground below the surface melts, exposed minerals such as iron are giving streams a rusty colour that pose a risk to wildlife.

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Are we heading for a new Cold War in Antarctica?

The Russian Bellingshausen Station in Antarctica (Credit: Getty images)

Russia’s reported discovery of 510 billion barrels of oil in Antarctica has led to warnings of a new ‘Cold War’ of sorts. ‘Russia could rip up a decades-old treaty and claim oil-rich Antarctic land,’ Yahoo News told its readers. The Daily Telegraph said ‘Russia (has) sparked fears of an oil grab in British Antarctic territory’.

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Five things to understand about the concept of an "ice-free Arctic," according to NOAA

Sunlight returns to the Arctic in spring, illuminating the sea ice after months of winter darkness. Image courtesy of Ivo Beck and the National Snow and Ice Data Center.

The extent of Arctic sea ice has been decreasing markedly in recent decades. A group of scientists debate about this reality, what is known and what is not known at the moment. These are the main conclusions.

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In Two New Studies, Scientists See Signs of Fundamental Climate Shifts in Antarctica

A decline of Antarctic sea ice will affect the entire food chain by changing the availability of plankton and krill, and in some cases, crowding animals closer together. Credit: Bob Berwyn/Inside Climate News

A steep decline of Antarctic sea ice may mark a long-term transformation in the Southern Ocean, and seawater intrusions beneath the Thwaites Glacier could explain its melting outpacing projections.

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EU Arctic Forum & Indigenous Peoples’ Dialogue 2024: Mapping out together a sustainable future for the region

Photo from EU Arctic Forum & Indigenous Peoples' Dialogue

From international cooperation to environmental protection or sustainable economic development, an exciting gathering of experts and Arctic communities coming together to find solutions to the region’s most pressing challenges.

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