Polar Regions News Roundup W/C 27th November 2023

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26th November 2023

Why Pride matters for doing better polar research

Polar Pride celebrations at Rothera 2021

Polar Pride was celebrated across the UK on 18th November, and on 20th November, the APPG for Polar Regions hosted an event in Parliament to highlight the occasion. One of the event’s speakers, Dr James Lea, Reader in Glaciology and UKRI Future Leaders Fellow at the University of Liverpool, explains why Polar Pride, and diversity in this polar sciences, is so important.

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A23a: World's biggest iceberg on the move after 30 years

Iceberg A23a satellite image

The world's biggest iceberg is on the move after more than 30 years being stuck to the ocean floor. At almost 4,000 sq km (1,500 sq miles) in area, it's more than twice the size of Greater London.

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Will the Arctic become a battleground for resource extraction?

Melting polar ice

A recent paper published in the journal Science has brought attention to a critical issue: the transformation of the melting Arctic into a battleground for resource extraction. This situation, which the experts compare to a modern-day gold rush, is emerging as climate change causes the ice to recede, exposing new land and sea areas for exploitation.

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UN chief visits Antarctica, urging phase out of fossil fuels at upcoming COP28 talks

UN Secretary-General Antonio Guterres

On the cusp of the COP28 climate talks, UN Secretary-General Antonio Guterres is visiting frozen-but-rapidly melting Antarctica. “We are witnessing an acceleration that is absolutely devastating,” Guterres said about the rate of ice melt in Antarctica, which is considered to be a “sleeping giant.”

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Antarctica’s ozone hole has been growing since 2004

Circular break in the clouds representing the hole in the ozone layer

The recovery of the ozone layer might not be as simple as first thought.

A new study suggests that levels of ozone have declined by as much as 26% over the south pole, potentially delaying the recovery of the layer as a whole.

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The Environmental Audit Select Committee’s Inquiry ‘Britain and the Arctic.’

A boat and icebergs

James Gray MP, Chair of APPG Polar Regions and the House of Commons Environmental Audit Select Committee Sub-Committee on Polar Research, reflects on the findings of an Inquiry into the UK’s relationship with the Arctic. The wide ranging and in-depth Report was launched at the Arctic Circle Assembly at Reykjavik in late October.

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