Polar Regions News Roundup W/C 4th December 2023

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4rd December 2023

Our friends in the North: UK strategy towards the Arctic

Practice military operation in the Arctic

This week, the House of Lords International Relations and Defence Committee has published its report, ‘Our friends in the North: UK strategy towards the Arctic’

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Antarctica: a continent in crisis

Adélie penguins (Pygoscelis adeliae) gather on rocks on one of the Danger Islands, near the tip of the Antarctic Peninsula

As world leaders gather for the COP28 climate summit, Australian Geographic brings you a special report on how Antarctica is already responding to a warming world.

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Finland draws line in Arctic snow, closing entire border with Russia as it alleges threat to national security

Asylum seekers have been arriving at the Raja-Jooseppi international border crossing station in remote Inari Finland.

Finland will close its entire border with Russia to travellers for the next two weeks in a bid to halt a flow of asylum seekers to the Nordic nation.

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Impact of ‘failed promises’ on climate, evident in Antarctica: A UN Resident Coordinator blog

UN Photo/Mark Garten The Bransfield Strait in Antarctica.

“The sleeping continent hides under its beauty, its undeniable role as a key climate regulator for the planet.” Maria José Torres Macho travelled to Antarctica with the UN chief, António Guterres, ahead of the global climate conference, COP28, which is getting underway in Dubai in the United Arab Emirates.

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Life beyond the leak for the European Space Agency’s ice-monitoring satellite, CryoSat


Since 2010, CryoSat has been responsible for measuring the thickness of polar sea ice and monitoring changes in the ice sheets that blanket Greenland and Antarctica. On 21 November 2023, operators initiated a risky swap to its back-up propulsion system after a fuel leak threatened to bring the mission to an end in 2025.

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Have you read our latest Polar Notes article? See below for the most recent publication on the APPG Polar Regions website.

The Environmental Audit Select Committee’s Inquiry ‘Britain and the Arctic.’

A boat and icebergs

James Gray MP, Chair of APPG Polar Regions and the House of Commons Environmental Audit Select Committee Sub-Committee on Polar Research, reflects on the findings of an Inquiry into the UK’s relationship with the Arctic. The wide ranging and in-depth Report was launched at the Arctic Circle Assembly at Reykjavik in late October.

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