Polar Regions News Roundup W/C 4th March 2024

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4th March 2024

Melting Arctic ice caps helps predict UK heatwaves, study finds - as scientist reveals this summer's forecast

Fractured Arctic ice cap in the Arctic. Pic: AP

Researchers have suspected for a while that there is a link between weather extremes in northern Europe and the intense summer melting in the Arctic and subarctic due to climate change - but how they might be connected remained elusive.

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Scientists confirm first cases of bird flu on mainland Antarctica

A royal penguin defends a dead chick from a brown skua, Macquarie Island, Antarctica. Scientists think skua will probably transmit H5N1 to penguins. Photograph: blickwinkel/Alamy

Fears for penguin colonies after the discovery of the highly contagious H5N1 virus in two dead skuas.

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Inside the brazen Arctic trip supplying Putin’s flagship energy scheme

A Red Box vessel carrying a large steel structure in the Northern Sea Route on the voyage

A US-born former Hollywood financier is navigating Arctic ice and sanctions to help keep Russia’s LNG hopes alive.

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Climate change: 'Ice bumps' reveal history of Antarctic melting

America's Landsat spacecraft have been looking down on Antarctica since 1973

Scientists say they now have a better idea of exactly where and when the margin of Antarctica started melting.

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How climate change is altering Sami language

(Image credit: Getty Images)

North Sami, a language spoken in the Arctic, has more than 300 words for snow and a special word for "frightened reindeer". Can it survive in a warmer world?

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Polar Note: A New, Nauseating Climate Archive

Snow petrel

Welcome to the 2024 Polar Notes series: our fortnightly feature looking at a current polar issue or topic of conversation in more depth.  

Our newest article, authored by guest expert, Claire Penny (PhD Candidate in Organic Geochemistry, Durham University), explores a novel technique for reconstructing historic variations in Antarctic sea ice using dietary biomarkers from snow petrel stomach oil deposits.

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