Polar Regions News Roundup W/C 5th February 2024

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5th February 2024

First penguins die in Antarctic of deadly H5N1 bird flu strain

A king penguin on South Georgia. The rapid spread of bird flu is a threat to populations already endangered by the climate crisis and overfishing. Photograph: David Tipling Photo Library/Alamy

With confirmed or suspected cases in two Antarctic penguin species, researchers fear highly contagious virus could rip through colonies.

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West’s coming war with Russia will be triggered by Arctic climate breakdown

Arctic glaciers

NATO countries are priming their citizens to prepare for the next global conflict between the great powers. Once unthinkable, the idea of a third world war seems closer than ever, writes Maurizio Geri.

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Antarctica mysteries to be mapped by robot plane

The drone was tested in harsh weather conditions in North Wales

A team of scientists and engineers have landed in Antarctica to test a drone that will help experts forecast the impacts of climate change.

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‘Spoon worms lick the seabed with a metre-long tongue’: a voyage into a vanishing Arctic world

Daniel Scholz, an engineer for the Alfred Wegener Institute, lowers an instrument that measures temperature, salinity and nitrate – an important nutrient for algae and phytoplankton – through an ice hole

Sea ice around the north pole is disappearing at an alarming rate. A group of scientists are on a mission to investigate the effects of the climate crisis on the region.

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Ice and fire: Antarctic volcano may hold clues to life on Mars

Deception Island in Antarctica

On Deception Island in Antarctica, steam rises from the beaches, and glaciers dot the black slopes of what is actually an active volcano—a rare clash of ice and fire that provides clues to scientists about what life could look like on Mars.

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Have you read our latest Polar Notes article? See below for the most recent publication on the APPG Polar Regions website.

Polar Note: Greetings from the South Pole...APPG Chairman, MP James Gray, documents his recent fact-finding mission to Antarctica

APPG Chairman, James Gray MP

Welcome the start of our 2024 Polar Notes series: our fortnightly feature looking at a current polar issue or topic of conversation in more depth.  

Our newest article, authored by APPG Chairman, James Gray MP, documents his recent fact-finding mission to Antarctica, in his capacity as Chairman of the Polar Regions Sub-Committee of Parliament’s Environmental Audit Committee. He, and five other MPs from the Committee, travelled to Antarctica to better understand the challenges facing this icy continent, feeding into their ongoing Inquiry.

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