Polar Regions Round Up W/C 16th October 2023

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15th October 2023

“What happens in the Arctic doesn’t stay in the Arctic”: EAC calls for better focus of Arctic issues in Whitehall and funding boost for research

Arctic snow and ice

Rising sea levels, contributed to by Arctic ice melting, could risk 1.5 million UK properties to flooding, with growing evidence suggesting that changes in the Arctic could make weather events in the UK more extreme.

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Antarctica has lost 7.5tn tonnes of ice since 1997, scientists find

Antarctica icebergs

Study finds more than 40% of ice shelves have shrunk, with millions of tonnes of freshwater entering ocean

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Flood risk warning for up to 1.5 million homes as melting Arctic ice set to trigger rising seas

Coastal houses susceptible to sea level rise

Scientists have warned rising sea levels could erode British coastlines and put homes in jeopardy by 2080 - with the Welsh seaside village of Fairbourne at risk of being submerged in the future - as ministers face criticism for failing to pay enough attention to environmental changes.

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WWF urges end to deadlock on new Antarctic reserves

Antarctic sea ice

Sea ice in Antarctica has been declining rapidly in recent years. Members of a multinational group on Antarctic conservation must end a years-long deadlock and agree on new marine reserves in the region as sea-ice shrinks to record lows, the WWF urged Wednesday.

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Growing international pressure for reduction of Arctic shipping impacts

Icebreaker ship in Arctic

Responding to the increasing pressure on the Arctic region by the climate crisis, more than 75 organisations and individuals – including scientists, writers, and photographers – have signed up to the ‘Arctic Ocean Action’, which calls on the international community to support “equitable transition and urgent action to reduce shipping impacts on Arctic wildlife, habitats, ecosystems and communities”.

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Why Pride matters for doing better polar research

Polar Pride celebrations at Rothera 2021

With the APPG for Polar Regions hosting an event in Parliament to highlight Polar Pride this November, Dr James Lea, Reader in Glaciology and UKRI Future Leaders Fellow at the University of Liverpool, explains why Polar Pride, and diversity in this polar sciences, is so important.

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