Polar Regions Round Up W/C 2nd October 2023

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1st October 2023

Arctic Sea Ice 6th Lowest on Record; Antarctic Sees Record Low Growth

Sea ice melting / not forming

“It’s a record-smashing sea ice low in the Antarctic,” said scientist Walt Meier. Scientists are still working to understand what’s causing the slow growth, which could be from  factors like El Niño, wind patterns, and warming ocean waters.

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Polar Code May Need Updating as Arctic Shipping Increases New Study Concludes

With more ships venturing across the Arctic, Polar Code rules may have to be expanded, a new report suggests.

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Antarctica heatwave linked to climate change - after temperatures soared 39C above normal

Temperatures in an area of east Antarctica - known as "Dome C" - soared to 39C above normal, reaching -10C, on 18 March last year. Scientists have uncovered the link between a world-record heatwave in Antarctica and climate change.

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New Hunting Ground for Polar Bears: Norway Rewilds Arctic Coal Mining Town in Largest Operation of its Kind

On the Arctic island of Svalbard, the Norwegian government has just completed the largest re-wilding project in its history.

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Lurking in the Deep Freeze?

Climate change may release dangerous pathogens frozen for centuries in Arctic permafrost.

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Celebrations for NERC Arctic Station leader, Nick Cox, who retires after 47 years of service at the British Antarctic Survey

Nick Cox at NERC Arctic Research Station, Ny-Alesund

The polar world gathered on Saturday 9 September at Wolfson College in Cambridge for a very special celebration. Nicholas (Nick) Cox retired from the British Antarctic Survey last year and his family, friends and colleagues came together to mark his enormous contribution to polar life and research in the Antarctic and Arctic.

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