Polar Regions Round Up W/C 9th October 2023

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8th October 2023

Ecological disaster narrowly averted after 45-mile-long iceberg collides with penguin refuge in Antarctica

Sea ice melting / not forming

Hefty iceberg D-30A has collided with Clarence Island — an important refuge for breeding penguins in Antarctica. But luckily, the penguins weren't at home when the berg struck.

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Norway Supplied Almost Half of German Natural Gas Imports During First Nine Months of 2023

In a stark reversal of long-standing gas flows, Norway has now fully adopted Russia’s role as Germany’s largest gas supplier.

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Halley station: Rapid ice movement monitored under UK polar base

Scientists are closely watching the fast pace of a vast swathe of floating Antarctic ice that hosts a UK base.

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Arctic Council’s Norwegian Chairship meets with indigenous permanent participant organizations

From 2-3 October, the Norwegian Chairship of the Arctic Council held a meeting with the six Indigenous Peoples’ organizations that have Permanent Participant status in the Arctic Council, facilitating discussions on plans for the Norwegian Chairship of the Arctic Council (2023-2025), the status of the Arctic Council and resumption of work at the Working Group level, and giving Permanent Participants an opportunity to raise their priorities in the Arctic Council’s work.

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Learn to build instrumentation for cold environments

CryoSkills fieldwork school for UK PhD candidates and NERC funded early career scientists taking place in April in Norway. Application deadline October 29th 2023.

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Why Pride matters for doing better polar research

Polar Pride celebrations at Rothera 2021

With the APPG for Polar Regions hosting an event in Parliament to highlight Polar Pride this November, Dr James Lea, Reader in Glaciology and UKRI Future Leaders Fellow at the University of Liverpool, explains why Polar Pride, and diversity in this polar sciences, is so important.

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